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Welcome to Inspiring Fotos Blog Page. I will be blogging about the new projects have been working on, products and shop news, upcoming events, and places that I have traveled. Visit my photo gallery at Inspiring Fotos.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Handmade Catalog Sales Event

Handmade Catalog Inspiring Fotos is having Labor Day Sales Event this holiday weekend.  Spend $20 or more before shipping cost and receive 20% off your entire order. Use coupon code: LABORDAYSALE2018 at check out. Sale ends 9/4/2018 Handmade Catalog - Inspiring Fotos

Labor Day Sales Event

Labor Day Event starts Aug 29th through Sept 3rd. Purchase $20 or more and receive 20% off your order. Use coupon code LABORDAY2018FOTO at checkout. Inspiring Fotos

Etsy's Labor Day Sales Event

Hi Everyone... Don't miss out, it is sale time! Check my Etsy shop to see what’s on sale for Etsy’s Labor Day Sales Event. See shop for details. Etsy Store #EtsySalesEvent

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Handmade Catalog Shop News

Handmade Catalog - Inspiring Fotos: My shop at Handmade Catalog is having a June Summer Sale. Check out my shop to see what's on sale for June. My Handemade Catalog Shop

Etsy Shop News

Etsy is celebrating their 13th Birthday this week. It's sale time at my Esty Shop! Check my Etsy shop to see what’s on sale during this Etsy’s Birthday Event. Event is from June 18 - June 22nd. https://etsy.me/2LWmRsJ #EtsyTurns13

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Upcoming craft event this weekend. Inspiring Fotos will have a booth at the 2016 Briar Patch craft event. Come joins us to shop for some fall craft items.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Beauty of Butterflies

One of the most beautiful and colorful thing I find in nature to photograph are the butterflies. Visit my Nature tab for more butterfly photographs.

The Golden Hour

Love taking photographs during "The Golden Hour".  Visit my Low-Light  tab to see more sunset pictures taken from California to the Western Caribbean.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Flowers

Spring time is when a lot of the plants start to bloom flowers such as roses, vines or even some palm trees. Visit my botanical tab to see what plants I have capture blooming.

Wildlife Adventure in California

Pelican on the Pier
Took a trip to California to get photographs and videos of the wildlife, sunsets on the beach and some of the coastline. Visit Inspiring Fotos blog to read about the adventure.